The Obelisk at Robe, SA.

Tobruk Cottage in Robe, South Australia.Beautiful ROBE in South Australia.
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Tobruk Cottage.

The Tobruk Cottage is situated in a quiet street named Tobruk Street within easy walking distance of a service station, the beach, the main shopping centre and even within walking distance from the Robe Hotel that is the "social centre" of this historic town, Robe.

A map showing the where-abouts of Tobruk Cottage in Robe, SA.

A very good map of the whole town area can be found

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The historic town of Robe is situated on the coast about halfway along the South Australian section of the Limestone Coast.
Robe is only one of a very few towns in South Australia that is perched atop rugged cliffs on the coast. Although the cliffs themselves provide some wonderful views of the surrounding area, both over land and sea, there are also some extremely well protected sandy beaches that are very well suited for young children to frollick in absolute safety.
The rocky areas also create some very good areas for surfers and the local Surf Shop will readily advise you of the best surf beach that will suit your experience level.

SE of South Australia

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South East of South Australia.
The South East of South Australia is the lower corner of South Australia & adjoins Victoria. The area enjoys a reliable rainfall and supports a great variety of occupations ranging from forestry, dairying, cropping, grazing animals, varying types of horticulture, vineyards and fishing offshore for the prized crayfish.
The area lies on the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide with the Princes Highway disecting the area and connecting both major cities running through the SE of SA.
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